Cosmetic Solutions

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve small dental imperfections and to see immediate improvement with gaps, chips, cracks, misalignment, or discolored teeth. Similar to a tooth colored filling, cosmetic bonding can be used to correct minor esthetic issues, often with minimal preparation of the teeth. While porcelain veneers or crowns may be necessary for larger issues, cosmetic bonding can also create a beautiful esthetic, balanced appearance of your smile.

First, Dr. Mauck and Dr. Ricci apply special cleaning agents to the tooth to create a surface that will accept the bonding material. Next, your dentist will place a dental resin that matches your unique tooth color and hardens it with a blue LED light. Finally the bonding is shaped and polished to produce a beautiful, natural-looking smile. This relatively quick and painless process produces immediate rejuvenating results.

If you have had questions about the way your smile looks, don’t forget to ask our dental team if cosmetic bonding could be right for you.

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