Restorative Solutions

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

If you have significant dental problems, including missing teeth, chips, cracks, stains, severe wear, and other damage Dr. Mauck and Dr. Ricci can help you restore and improve the appearance and function of your smile with full mouth rehabilitation. Through the use of multiple cosmetic and restorative solutions your doctor will guide you back to great oral health, renewing your smile.

What Are The Benefits?

Full mouth rehabilitation offers the solution to more severe dental conditions, such as an injury, “wear and tear” from aging or grinding, previous poor dental work, and TMJ problems, among others. After the restoration process, you will see improvements in the ability to eat and chew properly, with the elimination of pain from the teeth, gums and joint, and a renewed ability to smile without hesitation or self consciousness about your smile.
Following a comprehensive exam and consultation with Dr. Mauck or Dr. Ricci to discuss your goals and desires for treatment, we will, together, formulate a treatment plan that will address both your underlying health issues and your cosmetic concerns allowing us to create and maintain the smile that you desire. Treatment may include a combination of many different dental procedures to achieve the final result, such as crowns, veneers, bridges, splints, etc. The treatment can be as fast or as slow as desired, to fit each person’s unique situation and lifestyle. The maintenance of each case is different, but often times includes protecting the teeth and restorations with a night guard. If you have any questions about the procedures or process of a full mouth reconstruction or would like to schedule a consultation, please, do not hesitate to contact our dental team today!

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